Colorado Breaks

Life is a constant struggle, but sometimes it is good to take some breaks in between by going for a vacation to refresh and rejuvenate oneself. This also breaks the monotony of everyday life. If you do not like the idea of traditional holidays or vacations then you should opt for caravan camping. This is a unique kind of holiday in the sense that the freedom and excitement it offers is unlike any other kind of vacation, it is simply unparalleled! The primary requirement for going on this kind of vacation as to be a caravan.

Apart from the caravan, the vacation destination also matters and it plays an important role since it drastically affects the vacation experience. Therefore, it is quite natural that people would want to choose the best camping destination for their caravan holiday. There are plenty of camping destinations all over the world that offer a perfect balance of good locationambience and good company. Some of them are Northumberland in UK, CO or Colorado in the US, South Park and so on.So, which out of these is worth a visit? Which should you pick when going on a caravan holiday with your loved ones?

There are plenty of camping sites in Colorado that enables visitors and vacationers to enjoy the grandeur of the wilderness areas in the US, while some of these are state parks, others are federal lands and private campground. No doubt, there is no dearth of camping grounds in Colorado and South Park offers a lot of camping grounds but if you are based in the UK then the best camping destination for your would be Northumberland. This is the most northern country in England and it is also known as the 'best kept secret' of England. There is something so majestic and mysterious about Northumberland that makes it perfect for holidays with caravans for sale Northumberland!

Who should visit Northumberland on a camping trip? Well, those who are fond of golden sandy beaches, leicester storage, dramatic moorland, rolling hills, grand ancient castles and bustling towns and villages would find Northumberland to be a paradise! There is plenty to see and do when on a camping trip to this country. One of the best camping destinations here is Dunstan Hill. This was a former ground for battles and it has a long history of unrest and violence. However, today the Dunstan Hill is a peaceful haven and the epitome of tranquility. You can also hit the beach while you are here as the beach is just a mile away. Other popular attractions here are Howick Hall Gardens, RNLI's Museum, Alnwick Castle and so on.

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Rye Hill Farm is another top camping destination in the exceptionally beautiful country of Northumberland. The austere landscape of the countryside, the peaceful and serene farm, the nearby woods of Slaley and Dipton, the Blanchland Moor and the impressive Chesters Roman Fort definitely makes this a camping destination worth visiting. Thus, Rye Hill Farm is a surprising mix of different beautiful locations for campers who would like to make the best use of their caravans!